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Search Records Onlilne

Perry County Recorder Remote Access
Search County Land Records 24 Hours a Day

FOR OCCASIONAL USERS (pay-as-you-go): Tapestry

All you need is a web browser for 24/7 access to Perry County land records. Tapestry's pay-as-you-go method offers flexible payment terms. Occasional users can enter a credit card into Tapestry's secure site or if you anticipate using Tapestry on a frequent basis, sign up as a member and enjoy membership benefits including account payment terms and expanded search capabilities.

Tapestry Cost Breakdown:
     Index/Image Search - $6.95 per search
          Beginning/Ending Date
          Consideration amount
          Legal Description - Subdivision, Metes & Bounds
          Document Search Types

     Print Copies - $1.00 per page
          Viewing images is included in the per search fee

Flexible Payment Options:
     Pay-as-you-go with a credit card - Visa & MasterCard accepted
     Open Account Payment Plan - $25 minimum per quarter

Grantor/Grantee searches will produce the best results, as it is the only field that is definitely indexed for each document.

FOR EVERYDAY USERS (monthly subscription): Laredo

Laredo is designed for users who consistently search in a single county. Perry County's 24/7 access to the county's land records allows you to obtain information faster and more efficiently.

     Same user interface that is used on the courthouse workstations
     Real time, 24 x 7 access
     Customizable results screens
     Subscription based

Cost Breakdown:

Per-Minute Plan Charges

Plan Charge Overage **
0 - 250 minutes $60/mo $0.20 per minute overage
251 - 1000 minutes $120/mo $0.15 per minute overage
1001 - 3000 minutes     $220/mo     $0.12 per minute overage
Unlimited $280/mo  

** Per minute charge for each minute over the signed-up plan

To Sign Up:
To become a Laredo Subscriber, please contact the Perry County Recorder's Office at 812-547-4261.

To Search:
Once you have signed up and have been issued a username and password, log onto, then click on the "Products" menu and choose the "Laredo" link to download. Ready, Set, Search!

For More Information:
Contact Fidlar Technologies, ph# 800-747-4600
Perry County Recorder's Office, ph# 812-547-4261